Wake Up

Wake up naturally to
refreshing sunshine.

Fall sleep faster and for longer at night and wake up naturally to refreshing sunshine in the morning.

Maintain a healthy sleep-wake rhythm that is in sync with your natural circadian rhythm.

RYSE uses scheduling and timers to automatically close your blinds at night and open them in the morning.

Wake Up

Make your life easy:
schedule your shades to fit your daily routine

Set schedules / timers to perfectly suit your preferences from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

With RYSE SmartShade you can:

  • Wake up to refreshing sunshine
  • Go to bed in complete privacy
  • Keep your home office cool and comfortable during your work-from-home hours
  • Transform your living room into the ultimate home theater
Wake Up

Transform your living room into the ultimate home theater

Close your blinds, dim the lights, and snuggle up for that new show you've been meaning to watch. All with a simple voice command, schedule setting or tap on your phone.

Transform your living room into a home theater or simply control the temperature and lighting. Either way, you can kiss the annoying TV glare goodbye for once and for all.