That’s Why

That’s why

And that’s why only about 5% of window shades are motorized.

The astronomically high cost makes it a deterrent for any customer, and once you decide against motorized shades, there were no retrofit solutions or accessories to allow you to motorize them.

That’s when Trung had his eureka moment! Trung thought of a simple DIY product, one that anyone could install on the window frame and would mimic a pulley to control the shades’ chains or cords. It would be the first ever retrofit or after-market device to motorize any window shade, regardless of size or weight, and a true affordable luxury.

And of course, it had to be smart - controllable via smart phone or voice, with the ability to set schedules and routines. As we began working on developing the device and learned about automated shades, the more we realized that there were huge benefits beyond the cost and convenience of our idea.