We wanted

We wanted an affordable product

We wanted an affordable product that we could easily install ourselves to motorize our own shades at home.

Most of us already have window shades installed, whether it's at home, the office, or any other space. It would be such a waste of money if we had to replace them, just to experience the magic of motorized shades.

Founder, Trung Pham, discovered this when he moved into his new apartment. He had installed a set of beautiful floor-to-ceiling 9’ by 9’ roller shades - ones that were controlled via beaded chains.

When summer came around, the heat from the sunlight made his apartment feel like a sauna! So he went back to the same retailer he purchased his roller shades from and asked to buy a motor that he could DIY install on his existing shades at home.

And that’s when he learned that once you buy manually controlled window shades, it was impossible to motorize them - you’d actually have to replace them with brand new motorized shades, which was quoted at over $1,500 per window!